Weber Grill

After the annual excursion to Founder’s Week, we went to the Weber Grill restaurant on State Street in Chicago.


After a delicious lunch, my friends Dan Craig and Margaret Sahli posed with Mr. Weber or Mr. Grill or whatever his name is. Whoever he is supposed to be, he needs to know his steaks are done.


When I asked Wendy Winterstein, my long-time coworker, if she’d like to be in a Red Chair picture, she thanked me!


Yeli Acevedo hasn’t worked at Awana very long. I think the first conversation I’ve had with her was today when I asked her if she’d like to be in a Red Chair picture. She wasn’t sure, but several of our coworkers told her that she did. I handed her the chair, took a step back and ended up on my rear end in a snowbank. That accounts for the smile on her face.


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