Nate and Karen helped us tremendously by driving the van to Colorado. They couldn’t leave until noon on Thursday, so Sal and I had a couple hours to kill. We went to Panera in Fox River Grove for breakfast, but since the cats were along for the ride and it was bitterly cold, we ate in the car in the parking lot. 

We drove down to the Kauffman’s and then to an Enterprise place in Elgin so they could get signed up as drivers. At 12:45, we headed out. Here we are on Randall Road with the van in front of us.


We took the I-88 toll road to Iowa and then got on I-80. We made a quick stop in Rock Island at McDonald’s for supper. The cats were restless. Lucy meowed constantly, Millie occasionally. Finally Millie settled down in her cage and Lucy on a box just behind my right shoulder where she could see out the windshield. 


Shortly after we entered Iowa, it got dark. We crossed the entire state without seeing anything. I tried to get a photo as we crossed into Nebraska near Omaha, but I messed up.


We stayed in Lincoln, in a Staybridge Suites, which, for $25 additional dollars, is pet friendly. It was near 10:00 when we got settled. The cats explored the two rooms for a while, then we locked them out of the bedroom and went to bed.

When I got up in the morning and went into the other room. Lucy was sitting on a table right next to the door. I couldn’t find Millie anywhere. I even checked the kitchenette cabinets in case she’d managed to open them but couldn’t get out. Nothing. The door was locked from the inside, so I knew nobody had come in and let her out. I wondered if she somehow had gotten up inside the heater and gotten stuck. From the front, I couldn’t see that there was room for her to get under the couch. But what about from the back? I pulled it out so I could lift it up—and there she was. She had crammed herself into a narrow space under the couch skirt and up against the hide-a-bed frame. I’m not sure if she could have gotten out on her own. 

We ate at the hotel and set off again. It was overcast and even drizzled a bit as we crossed Nebraska. 



Sally’s a big fan of Runzas from when she lived in Lincoln as a teen. As we approached North Platte, we saw there was a Runza restaurant in town. Who doesn’t like to get Runzas when they have the opportunity? Well, me actually. I don’t care for cabbage, which is a main ingredient. I got the Italian one which was basically pizza sauce, cheese and meat. The “frings”—fries and onion rings—were awful.



The sun came out in western Nebraska.


We crossed into Colorado around 12:40. I told Sally, “Honey, we’re home.” I pulled off the interstate and found a sign. Nate took a photo of us in the red chair. 


It took about two-and-a-half hours to get from there to Monument, where we were staying at the Chase’s house. There wasn’t a lot to see along the way, unless you want to see Iliff.



The cats, by this time, were used to the drive.


When we got to Monument, it was windy and about 60°. We unloaded the van and car into the Chase’s basement. Young made supper for all of us, and then Nate and Karen headed off to a B&B where they were staying. It was official—we now lived in Colorado.

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