What Would Roger Do?

At the end of a long day of rain, my daughter informed me that I’d left the lid off the garbage can in which we store our bird seed. It was too late to save the seed — it was drenched. But when I went out to inspect the damage, I noticed something else in the bottom of the can.


We occasionally get mice in our house, and I have declared total no-surrender war on them. But this one wasn’t in the house. As I leaned over to get a closer photo, it just cowered.


I had a dilemma on my hands. Should I kill it, or should I let it go?

What do you think I did? What would you have done?

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5 Responses to What Would Roger Do?

  1. karen says:

    I think you took it far into the wild behind your house and left it with a handful of wet birdseed and an instructional pamphlet on how to avoid being spotted by birds of prey.

  2. Jonathan says:

    I bet you brought him inside, gave him a hunk of cheese, and made a bed out of a shoe box for him to sleep in.

  3. rae lyn says:

    Now, how could you kill it after seeing it that close up? He’s adorable…and I’ll bet he has an adorable wife and little adorable children who were at home waiting for the birdseed. Don’t tell me if you did kill it. I’ll think better of you if I don’t know that.

  4. TimS says:

    It looks too young to have a family as my tenderhearted sister-in-law suggests. I’d say, for a mouse, he hit the jackpot! Food, water and bedding materials all in a sheltered enclosure. Just put the lid back on.

  5. TrannahHan says:

    Oh my. What a cutie. I think you did what Karen said you did.

    That’s a great picture. Sheesh.

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