White Sox vs. Mariners — October 5, 1985

Sue Prussman came out from Iowa for a visit. We took her to Moody, then to D.B. Kaplan’s in Water Tower Place for lunch. In the afternoon, we visited Lincoln Park Zoo.

We met Jim and Debbie Matheson at Comiskey Park for the White Sox game against the Mariners. It was only 40 degrees out, and we froze.


It was fan appreciation night. We didn’t sit in the same order as our tickets, which meant that Sally’s seat was called but Jim had the ticket stub. He got to go down on the field where he won a huge refrigerator. He also grabbed a few handfuls of infield dirt and gave some to me. The White Sox won 10-4.

White Sox vs. Mariners — October 5, 1985

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