Yellow Rock Trail

On Monday afternoon, I hiked the Yellow Rock Trail with my daughter, Tim, Katherine, Joshua and Angela. The three-mile trail climbs from Lee Creek to a rock shelf overlooking the valley, then loops around through the woods and back down to the creek.

At the very start of the hike, Joshua picked up a fairly large rock and said he would carry it the whole way up and back. I teasingly said I’d give him $1 if he did. My daughter overheard me and asked if she could carry a rock for a $1. Her Uncle Tim said he’d give her $10 if he could pick the rock. He found one (that was later weighed at 7 lbs) and handed it to her.

The Yellow Rock Overlook had spectacular views north and south along the valley.

Tim underestimated his niece. She carried the rock  the entire three miles and got her $10. Joshua carried his rock and got his $1.

When we got back to the campgrounds, Sal’s youngest brother Jonathan was there with his daughter Elizabeth. They set up a small tent on the back of our site.

We spent the rest of the day playing with a Frisbee, eating sausages and hot dogs, making s’mores and sitting around the campfire. The kids played flashlight tag in the campgrounds for a while, then watched Rat Patrol DVDs in our camper.

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