Animal #10 — Coyote

canis latrans

May 30, 1982 — 7:30 am

Manotowish Waters, Wisconsin — Powell Marsh Wildlife Refuge

I was walking out toward the center of the marsh on the levy when I saw the Coyote. It was standing on the dirt road on the levy about 100 yards in front of me. It divided its time between watching me and watching two Canada Geese and an American Crow that were standing on the levy beyond the Coyote. It walked into the brush, returned to the road, looked at me again, then disappeared into the marsh.

It looked like a skinny, medium-sized dog with a long skinny nose. It had a busy tail with a black tip. Its fur was grayish with rusy highlights, especially noticeable on the nose and ears. It had a very bouncy gait when it walked, and its tail hung straight down. It looked rather lethargic.

When I first saw it, I thought, “If Sally were here, she’d be asking if we were in any danger.” When I got back to my folks’ house and told her, the first thing she said was, “Were you in any danger?”

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