Animal #28 —Snowshoe Hare

lepus americanus

July 10, 1986 — 12:00 midnight

Montreal River, Ontario, Canada — Moose Cabin

Sally and I were serving as counselors at Canadian Adventure, a high-school wilderness camp. We spent two nights in an upriver cabin with our group, and on one of the nights I stayed up late by the campfire with some of the kids.

We first noticed the Snowshoe Hare munching on grass just outside the campfire circle between the fire and the cabin. It disappeared for a while, then reappeared running straight toward us along the path. It stopped about 10 feet from us, then turned and disappeared into the woods. I suspect it was running from something, but I have no idea what. It was strange to see it running right at us. We laughed about the “attack rabbit” when we told the others the next morning.

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