April Recap

A Vermilion Flycatcher was discovered by the Hanover Fire Station near the south border of El Paso County. It was first seen on the evening of April 1, about six hours after I was there. When it was still around on Tuesday, I had to go see it. I showed a photo of it to my boss, and she readily let me leave half an hour early. I drove down and saw it without difficulty or drama—unless you count the large, bossy woman who ordered me not to walk closer to the bird than she was until she’d gotten all the photos she wanted—even though I had no intention of doing so. It wasn’t a lifer. I’d seen one in Arizona in 1984 and another one in south Texas about eight years ago.

I spent my birthday, even thought it was a Sunday, at Cheyenne Mountain Resort for the CBS training conference. I sat in the back of the room behind 80 leaders who were learning about children’s and youth ministry. All 80 of the leaders happened to be women.

Among other things, we all made sculptures out of marshmallows and toothpicks. Here’s mine.

The big excitement, however, was a wildfire that was burning on Fort Carson—easily visible out the resort windows.

On the following Friday, Cynthia hosted a murder mystery dinner. We all were given characters and were supposed to dress and act accordingly. I was Indy Temple, an obvious ripoff of Indiana Jones. I went to Bass Pro Shot and bought a hat—then forgot it at home.

On the 16th, a Lucy’s Warbler was found by Sinton Pond, a grubby park in an industrial section of Colorado Springs. I drove down after work and saw it. I fell in with two women who were also looking for it. While we were there, some guy came by and showed us a photo. He said he was tracking a bail-jumper. He was somewhat perturbed that we were more interested in looking for birds. Meanwhile, a couple homeless guys were setting up a tent in front of a “no camping” sign. It’s not my favorite place to bird. I saw the warbler well, but it was moving fast, and this was the best photo I could get.

Here are the highlights.

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