We’re in Colorado now. We have to check out Aspen, right? I was a little turned off by the drive north from Glenwood Springs. The mountains were pretty, but the road was obviously built to handle huge amounts of traffic. There were bus stops every half mile or so, even in areas that seemed rural.

We parked downtown and walked a bit. The sun was scorching. We looked for a place to buy an inexpensive lunch, but we were kidding ourselves. After checking out several places, the cheapest we found was a shop that offered $18 lamb and something sandwiches. We gave up. We returned to our car and left. 

Please understand. I don’t begrudge the rich their money or their entertainment. The town just had nothing for us. I’m not sure we could have afforded bottled water. And I’m also pretty sure that if I had money, I wouldn’t be spending it on the kind of stuff offered in Aspen. Or maybe I would. We’ll never know.





One of the most popular destinations in Colorado is Maroon Bells, a pair of peaks that rise above a mountain lake. It’s so popular that during the busy season, you can only get there on a shuttle bus. I inquired at an information booth and found out the busy season started the day before. To get there, we would have to drive to a parking lot where we could pay $10 to park and catch the $16 (for both of us) shuttle to the spot. Or we could take a free bus from town to the place where we could catch the shuttle. It seemed like a lot of hassle and money to look at a mountain, so we decided to come back another time, maybe in May, when we could drive right to the spot. The woman in the booth seemed astonished that we balked at spending a mere $26.

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