At the Galt House

On to Louisville, Kentucky for another conference. My room was on the west side of the Galt House hotel, on the twelfth floor, overlooking a park and the Ohio River. The handle of the giant bat out front of the Louisville Slugger factory can be seen jutting up just below the sun.


Here are two shots I took the next night.



It would be fun to a drive a Lamborghini. I wouldn’t want to own one, though. I’d be afraid to park it anywhere. But then, I guess, people who can afford a Lamborghini can also afford to insure it. In any case, I had a few minutes to kill before meeting my coworkers for dinner, and this car was parked right in front of the hotel.


When the conference was over, we found out we would have to wait several hours for our turn in the loading dock. Zac talked to some people who talked to some people and we were taken on a long tour through the innards of the Galt House to a second loading dock that was empty except for the Galt House Christmas Float. Of course, I grabbed the opportunity to get a photo.


As our convention was moving out of the Galt House, the Fright Night Film Fest was moving in. That explains, I hope, this vehicle which was parked by the front door.




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