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Things I Saw and Did in June

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Dragonman is all about guns—selling them, shooting them, owning them. Dragonman is Mel Bernstein, owner of a gun shop, shooting range, and military museum in the prairie east of the Colorado Spring Airport. His museum is only open to guided … Continue reading

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Arizona Birding Adventure

I had been birding for five years when my wife and I spent a week in Tucson with my parents in 1984. They liked birds, although they weren’t hard-core listers. On many of the days during that March/April trip, we … Continue reading

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Cubs vs. Diamondbacks — Chase Field

I spent 12 days birding in New Mexico and Arizona. Birds were so much my focus that I didn’t stop at any attractions or do anything that didn’t give me a chance to see birds. Except on the final night … Continue reading

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Bird #594 — Rosy-faced Lovebird

agapornis roseicollis Chandler, Arizona — CVS Pharmacy on Chandler Boulevard Friday, May 13 — 3:21 pm When I planned the trip to Arizona, I had eBird generate a list of most-frequently seen birds that weren’t on my life list. This … Continue reading

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