Bird #129 — Pectoral Sandpiper

calidris (speckled water bird) melanotos (from melas, black, and noton, back)

Friday, April 18, 1980 — 12:00 noon

Northbrook, Illinois

As the weather got warmer and migration started, I began going outside every chance I found to see birds.  I even took advantage of my lunch time at a distribution company to wander around a nearby empty lot and golf course behind the building.

For these birds, however, I didn’t have to go very far.  Between the back of the building and the parking lot was a small grassy area.  As soon as I walked outside, I spotted them wading in puddles in the grass.  They fed, dipping their bills in the water as they moved around.  When I got too close, they flushed, flew around the field once, then took off out of sight.

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