Bird #19 — Killdeer

charadrius (a plover and the watery places inhabited by them) vociferus (vocal)

Wednesday, May 30, 1979 — 7:15 pm

Manotowish Waters, Wisconsin — Powell Marsh Wildlife Area

Earlier in the day, when my girlfriend and I were driving up to Black River Harbor, I noticed a sign to Powell Marsh.  We stopped off on the way home to see what there was to see. The marsh was an immense clearing with some prairie and cultivated fields and a few areas of open water.  We walked out onto an elevated dike that ran alongside one of the areas of open water.

The Killdeer ran ahead of us.  Its nest must have been close, although we didn’t see it.  The bird was limping along dragging a wing and calling loudly.  When we got close to it, it flew out into the marsh and landed on a mudflat calling the entire time.

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