Bird #287 — Golden Eagle

aquila (eagle) chrysaetos (from chrysos, golden, and aetos, eagle)

Sunday, April 1, 1984 — 4:35 pm

Coronado National Forest, Arizona — Ramsey Canyon Preserve

As amazed as I was by the hummingbird show, I tore myself away to watch a Golden Eagle. It was soaring in circles high above the canyon.  The walls of the canyon were very high, and the eagle was high above the walls.  It wasn’t a great view, but I saw it clearly.  After watching it soar for several minutes, I saw it tuck its wings and stoop out of sight in a series of dives.

The next day I got a much better view of a Golden Eagle in Sabino Canyon.  I was hiking up the canyon when I saw one soar to a ledge on the cliff side of the road.  The group of people who happened to be near me dismissed it as a vulture and walked off.  As soon as they rounded a bend out of sight, the eagle took off and circled the valley low overhead, and I had it all to myself.  It steadily circled higher until it reached the level of the canyon walls, then it glided out of sight over the ridge.

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