The Reverse of the Medal

by Patrick O'Brian
Category: "Fiction - Historical"
Year of Publication:1986
Date Read:07/11/1999
Notes:Eleventh in the Aubrey-Maturin series. Captain Jack Aubrey, ashore after a successful cruise, is persuaded by a casual acquaintance to make certain investments in the City. This innocent decision ensnares him in the London criminal underground and in government espionage — the province of his friends Stephen Maturin. Is Aubrey's humiliation and the threatened ruin of his career a deliberate plot?
My Rating: 10

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Review - Reverse of the Medal, The

Aubrey, in the Surprise, sails home from the West Indies. He spots a French privateer and gives chase. The two ships race through a storm, and through a British fleet. The privateer escapes and Aubrey is sent home by the admiral. A supposedly chance meeting with a stranger leads Jack to invest heavily in the stock market. Shortly after arriving home, he is arrested for fraud. His trial is rigged and he's sentence to pay a fine, spend an hour in the public pillory and lose his commission. Meanwhile, Stephen discovers that his wife, Diana, has taken off for Sweden with another man. He concentrates on helping Jack and soon uncovers a plot to kill him, discredit Jack and take over the British intelligence service. Stephen buys the Surprise and fits it out as a privateer, with Jack as its captain.
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