The Secret of the Old Clock

by Carolyn Keene
List(s):"Carp 500"
Category: "Fiction - Chapter Books"
Year of Publication:1930
Date Read:04/18/2001
Notes:In the first book in the Nancy Drew mystery series, Nancy searches for a missing will.

COMMENTS — The Nancy Drew series, like the Hardy Boy books, were produced by the Stratemeyer Syndicate. Most of the early books in the series were written by Mildred Wirt. The Nancy Drew books were rewritten, modernized and abridged beginning in 1959. Try to find an edition printed before that time. Applewood Books has recently republished editions of this book and others early in the series as they first appeared.
My Rating: 7

Reviews for The Secret of the Old Clock

Review - Secret of the Old Clock, The

The rude Topham family stands to inherit the estate of Josiah Crowley, but Nancy Drew suspects the old man may have made and hidden a new will. She gets a clue about an old clock and tracks it down, foiling a robbery in the process. The clock hides a note leading to the will that gives the money to Crowley's family and leaves out the Tophams.

OK, it's simplistic. But the writing is crisp and carries the story along nicely. The plot is a bit silly, but it was written for 10-year-old girls.
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