The Drowner

by John D. MacDonald
Category: "Fiction - Mystery"
Year of Publication:1963
Date Added:07/20/2008
Date Read:08/08/2015
Notes:Paul Stanial is hired by Barbara to investigate the drowning death of her sister Lucille who was having an affair with local businessman Sam. When Sam's financial adviser also dies in mysterious fashion, Paul's attention is focused on Angie, an Amazonian young woman who works for, and adores, Sam. Turns out that Angie is crazy. She thinks she's God's avenging angel protecting Sam from sins of the flesh. When Paul's investigation gets too close, Angie kills Sam and almost kills Paul before she's caught. Paul and Barbara fall in love.
My Rating: 5

Reviews for The Drowner

Review - Drowner, The

This one is kinda dopey. A tall, beautiful young woman killing anyone she thinks is sinful and cleverly covering her tracks. Paul and Barbara, the characters I could have cared about, were pretty much relegated to the sidelines.
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