The Accidental Time Machine

by Joe Haldeman
Category: "Fiction - S. F./Fantasy"
Year of Publication:2007
Date Added:01/19/2021
Date Read:02/06/2021
Notes:Matt worked in the lab at MIT when he accidentally built a machine that could jump forward in time. He tried it on himself and ended up in trouble. So he had to try it again. And again. Along the way he picked up a girl named Martha. They jumped forward again and met a robot named La who wanted to experience the end of time. La kept making Matt jump forward until he and Martha were rescued by some other time travelers. They were sent back to 1898, where Matt and Martha married, and Matt became a successful professor at MIT.
My Rating: 6

Reviews for The Accidental Time Machine

Review - Accidental Time Machine, The

Actually rather dull. The author took a lot of shots at God, Christians, and the Bible.
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