Brewers vs. Giants — Milwaukee County Stadium

I made it to part of this game as part of a trip with group of coworkers. We arrived at the park halfway through the second inning. I watched the game for a few minutes, then headed for a concession stand to spend the $10 gift certificate I was given. I picked the line with the stupidest employee in the world. Every item was either $2.00 or $3.00, but he couldn’t keep track — even though there were only 10 items on the menu. Every time he took someone’s money, he had to walk to the other end of the booth and look at the menu board. There were only four people in line in front of me, but it took an entire inning to get my food. I got back to my seat halfway through the fourth. It was a beautiful day, a quick-moving game, and my Polish sausage was delicious. But I wasn’t at all surprised when I was told we had to leave at the end of the eighth inning.


The Giants won the game 8-1.

Brewers vs. Giants — May 21, 1998

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