Brewers vs. Royals — May 6, 1989

I went to this game with my family. We got to the park an hour before the game started and voted on where to sit. We decided on the upper deck. We walked up six miles of ramps to the nose-bleed section. Our seats were just down the first base line from home plate, and the view was great. But it was cold. Very cold. Very, very cold. I don’t think I’ve ever been colder in my life. A damp wind was coming off Lake Michigan and blowing right in our faces. Before the game ended, there were snow flurries. The park ran out of hot chocolate in the fourth inning. By then, I had given up on trying to get warm. I just enjoyed the game as best I could and consoled myself with the thought that someday, somewhere, I would be warm again.


Naturally, the game went 10 innings before the Brewers won it 1-0.

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I was absolutely numb when the game ended and in actual pain as I took the long, long walk down the ramps and across the parking lot to the car. During the entire ride back home, I was tingling as my circulation returned.

Brewers vs. Royals — May 6, 1989

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