Butterfly #12 — Giant Swallowtail

Giant Swallowtail, Rock Cut State Park, Ill. May 10, 2007

papilio cresphontes

Monday, July 26, 1999 — 10:00 am

Pope County, Arkansas — Holla Bend National Wildlife Refuge

This is my favorite butterfly so far. It was huge.

I was driving the road through the woods along the old channel, north of the observation tower. I saw this very large butterfly flit across the road in front of the car. I stopped and watched for the next 10 minutes as it flitting around a thicket of bushes, hovering frequently at green flower clusters. It never stopped fluttering its wings, even when it perched.

I knew right away what it was because of the bold yellow stripe that runs horizontally across the upperside of the forewings. Another bold yellow stripe arcs from wing tip to wing tip submarginally across the entire upperparts. There was a yellow spot in the center of the black tails. The underside of the wings were patterned with yellow and gray.

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