Butterfly #14 — Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

papilio glaucusbutterfly

Friday, August 6, 1999 — 8:45 am

Moraine Hills State Park, Illinois

I was walking in the wrong direction around the Leatherleaf Bog trail on the section it shares with the Lake Defiance trail. Just before the junction (or just after it if you’re walking in the correct direction), the trail passes a marsh on one side and a brushy thicket on the other. The swallowtail was flitting around the bushes at the edge of the thicket. It landed twice and perched with its wings partly spread. It took off and flew over the marsh across the trail and disappeared.

It was large, predominantly yellow, with black stripes cutting into the leading edge of its forewing and a black terminal band on the hindwings. It had long dark tails.

Richmond, Illinois - May, 2009 - bike path

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