Butterfly #18 — Mourning Cloak

nymphalis antiopa

Tuesday, June 17, 2003 — 3:54 pm

Ringwood, Illinois — Glacial Park

I took the afternoon off work and drove up to look (unsuccessfully) for Dickcissels. I walked the Deerpath Trail counterclockwise. On the wooded hill near the bench, I saw this butterfly fly up off the trail and flutter around the area. It landed twice on the path with its wings spread, giving me good looks. It then flew off over the brush beneath the oak trees where it chased and/or was chased by two black swallowtails which may have been Black Swallowtails.

The band on the trailing edge of the black wings was a very pale yellow. The blue spots on the topside hindwings were very pretty.

Mourning Cloak - Crabtree - 5/1/08Lyon's Prairie - July 18, 2009

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