Butterfly #3 — Common Wood-Nymph

cercyonis pegala

Thursday, June 24, 1999 — 11:06 am

Cary, Illinois — Hickory Grove Conservation Area

I was walking through the field in the southwest corner of the park, near the shelters. I saw this butterfly flit across the path and disappear down into the tall grass. I brushed the grass, and it flew up and darted into a nearby bushy weed, landing on a horizontal branch in the shady underpart of the plant. It opened its wings briefly, then sat motionlessly with its wings folded.

It was very dark, appearing black in flight and when perched, except when I looked at it through binoculars; then it looked dark brown. The upperside of the wing appeared unmarked except for a few dark spots. The undersides were uniformly dark with one large dark spot ringed with dull yellow on the upperwing and a few similar, smaller spots on the lower wing. It was a little bit larger than a Cabbage White.

Common Wood-Nymph - Hickory Grove - July 11, 2008Common Wood-Nymph - Hickory Grove - July 11, 2008Common Wood-Nymph - Silver Creek - July 23, 2008

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