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Bird #548 — Groove-billed Ani

crotophaga sulcirostris Sunday, September 8, 2019 — 2:17 pm Denver, Colorado — Sand Creek Trail Sally and I went shopping on the way home from church. I was waiting patiently by the registers at King Soopers while she checked out. … Continue reading

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Maroon Bells

Maroon Bells is high on every list of must-sees in Colorado. We knew going there would cost us, but we decided to join the herd. We drove over Independence Pass to Aspen and paid $10 to park in the lot … Continue reading

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Leadville, Colorado & Southern Railroad

I booked rides on the Leadville Railroad at 10:00 am on Saturday. The town was about 20 minutes from our B&B. We were able to board right when we arrived, and we sat in an open car that had a … Continue reading

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Twin Lakes

Sally said she wanted to get away for a weekend, and she wanted to go to Twin Lakes. It took no time at all to convince me. The town of Twin Lakes is tiny, and the lodging options are limited. … Continue reading

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Painted Bunting

A week ago, I was browsing through my bird list and wondering what species I’d never see again now that I live in Colorado. The two brief looks I’ve had at a Painted Bunting were both at Holla Bend National … Continue reading

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This and That

This was a day when you could fry an egg on any surface. It was close to 100° in Denver and not much better anywhere east of the mountains. I decided to check off some things on my list that … Continue reading

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Guernsey State Park

I spent three and a half hours on Monday morning birding in Guernsey State Park. I picked it primarily because it was there. I got out of my car several times, but I never wandered far from it. The park … Continue reading

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Sheridan, Wyoming

Although I’d planned what I wanted to do every day on my trip, I left things open enough to account for some spontaneity. The one nonnegotiable was Little Bighorn, which meant that I had to stay somewhere reasonably close on … Continue reading

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