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Prewitt Reservoir

Prewitt Reservior State Wildlife Area is two-and-a-half hours from my house, up in the northeast corner of the state. I’d never been there before, and I’m not sure I’d ever heard of it. But the numbers and varieties of birds … Continue reading

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Reptile/Amphibian #34 — Woodhouse’s Toad

anaxyrus woodhousi Saturday, August 28, 10:50 am Chatfield State Park, Colorado I birded at a couple places in the park in the morning. There were birds around, but nothing spectacular. The day was heating up, and I was headed back … Continue reading

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August Bird Photos

Barn Swallows at Barr Lake State Park (8/13/21) Immature Bald Eagle at Barr Lake State Park (8/13/21) Yellow-headed Blackbirds at Chatfield State Park (8/27/21) Western Wood-Pewee feeding three unfeathered chicks at Chatfield State Park (8/27/21). I assume this is an … Continue reading

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Slow Day

This was not an exciting day. I started at Holbrook Reservoir, near Rocky Ford. There were a lot of birds around, but the water was very low and I had to walk across a lot of open mudflat to get … Continue reading

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Searching for Baird’s Sparrow

There are only a very few birds that breed in Colorado that I don’t have on my life list. One of these is the Baird’s Sparrow. Normally, this sparrow nests in northern Montana and North Dakota. But for the past … Continue reading

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