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Academy Chapel

I went on Academy grounds today with my department to see a movie on Engineering in the Planetarium. The movie was designed to interest kids in engineering as a career and featured mostly women in the field. It also didn’t … Continue reading

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Dachau Concentration Camp

Lindy and Andrew had been wanting to visit Dachau, and although we knew it would be sobering, we were also interested. The memorial, which feels huge, only covers maybe a quarter of the war-period footprint. The rectangle in the far … Continue reading

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Hohenzollern Castle

One of Lindy’s favorite places to visit in Germany has been Hohenzollern Castle, about 45 minutes due south of her and Andrew’s apartment. And of course, on a tour of Europe, you have to visit a castle so she he … Continue reading

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Battle of Le Linge

When our trip to Europe was in the planning stages Lindy mentioned that she’d like to take us to Strasbourg. I immediately checked to see if there was a chance for me to fulfill one of my long-time wishes—to visit … Continue reading

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