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Wagon Box Fight

After the Fetterman Fight on December 21, 1866, the Army made a few changes. For one, they stationed a company under Captain James W. Powell at a forward position to protect the wood cutters. For another, they armed the soldiers … Continue reading

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Fort Phil Kearny Historic Site

When I left Fort Fetterman, it was nearing lunchtime. My plan was to stop somewhere in Casper, but I wasn’t sure what I was in the mood for. I didn’t see anything inviting at the first exit south of the … Continue reading

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Fort Fetterman Historic Site

My first day’s goal was Sheridan, about a seven-hour drive from home. I hunted for places to stop along the way and found this state park seven miles outside the town of Douglas. The fort was established in 1867 to … Continue reading

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Academy Chapel

I went on Academy grounds today with my department to see a movie on engineering in the Planetarium. The movie was designed to interest kids (especially girls) in engineering as a career and really had no other theme. It also … Continue reading

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Dachau Concentration Camp

Although we knew it would be sobering, we decided to visit Dachau. The memorial, which feels huge, only covers maybe a quarter of the war-period footprint. The rectangle in the far right, with the U-shaped building and the rows of … Continue reading

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