CCC Trail

On Wednesday morning, everyone but Tim hiked the short CCC Trail that tours the site of a 1934-1942 Civilian Conservation Corps camp. The men built the roads, the dam, the trails and many of the structures in the park — but they must have spent much of their time building their own camp. I’ve keyed the photos I took to this map.

Site 3 looking toward the Root Cellar with two of the cabins in the background. The cabins can be rented for those who don’t like to camp.

The Root Cellar.

Joshua climbing through the culvert (site 5). My daughter said she’d give him .50 to do it, so he did. Remember — this is the kid who carried a rock on a three-mile trail up a mountain for $1.

The cabin above the generator pad (left). I thought it looked like somethign from The Hobbit. This chimney (right) is all that’s left of the Recreation Hall. The waterfall on Lee Creek can be seen in the background.

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