Cheyenne Mountain and Clear Spring Ranch

I hiked six miles at Cheyenne Mountain State Park in the morning and another two at Clear Spring Ranch at midday. I knew I had to get to the park early before all the joggers and bikers arrived, and for the first couple hours I had the trails pretty much to myself. That changed as the morning progressed, and on at least two occasions, I had bikers ride right in front of me as I was pointing my camera at birds. I get that they have a right to use the trails too, but what happened to basic courtesy?

Anyway … Here’s what I saw. Lazuli Bunting

I found another one later at Clear Spring Ranch

Western Wood-Pewee

Hammond’s Flycatcher. If you think these are just more photos of the bird above, notice the eye-ring, whiter wing bars, and white on the primaries. There’s also a lot more yellow tint on the Hammond’s.

Clay-colored Sparrow

Virginia’s Warbler. These are two different birds.

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher building a nest

Plumeous Vireo

American Goldfinch

Violet-green Swallow. I can do a lot better than this, but at least you can see the violet and the green here.


My favorite shot of the day

Red Crossbill. I was about to get a photo of him feeding his young when some guy on a bike rode past me and scared them. He didn’t actually ride past. He rode right to the point where he was between me and the birds and got off his bike to walk it over a rock.

Male and female Black-headed Grosbeaks

The rest of these photos are from Clear Spring Ranch. Things were hopping for the first ten minutes or so and then died off considerably. I walked out onto a sandbar in Fountain Creek. After a few minutes, a hiker flushed a Wild Turkey that flew across the creek, passing about two feet directly above my head.

Female Yellow Warbler

Female Blue Grosbeak

Hermit Thrush

Swainson’s Thrush

I stopped at Safeway in Fountain to pick up some groceries. The weird thing about all this quarantine stuff is how random foods become scarce. This week I can’t find flour or bleach.

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