Chicago Botanic Garden — Glencoe, Illinois

Sal and I spent several hours at the Botanic Garden in search of adventure and in pursuit of another item on my list of 30 Things Everyone Should Do In Greater Chicagoland.

Our original plan was to tour the garden then drive around the northern suburbs in search of periodical cicadas (17-year locusts). We were still in our car in the parking lot when we realized we could combine the two adventures. The place was crawling, and buzzing, with cicadas.

The Crescent

We walked the two-mile path that circles the park, then wandered around through the various gardens.

It was warm, but there was a refreshing breeze blowing so it was pleasant, especially down-wind of fountains and sprinklers. We bought Dove Bars as we strolled about dodging low-flying cicadas and bees (right, on roses).

We had to pay $5 each to get into the Model Railroad Garden, but it was worth it. There were a dozen or so model trains winding around the garden on a quarter-mile of tracks. The many bridges and trestles were all made from sticks. Model buildings representing famous places around the U.S. were set up throughout the area. It was very impressive and well done. It was my favorite part of the trip.

Model Railroad Garden

We wandered around the woods to look at the cicadas before we left (see next post).

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