Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center (Colorado Springs) — art museum with contemporary and historic collections

Magic Town (Colorado Springs) — miniature sculpted village

If you’re in the neighborhood

Big Blue Bear at the Colorado Convention Center (Denver)

Big Sweep (downtown Denver) — giant dustpan and broom

Levee Mural (Pueblo) — world’s longest mural

Mustang (“Blucifer”) (Denver International Airport, Denver) — huge blue horse with glowing red eyes

Scottish Angus Cow and Calf (downtown Denver) — two giant metal cows

Swetsville Zoo (Timnath) — junk metal sculptures

Starr Kempf’s metal sculptures (Colorado Springs) — large silver sculptures that move with the wind

Uncle Wilber Fountain (Colorado Springs) — in summer when it plays music

The Yearling (downtown Denver) — giant horse in a giant red chair outside the public library