Soli Deo Gloria, the choir Sally is in, had two concerts this past week. The first was Soli’s own concert, at a Methodist church in downtown Colorado Springs. On one of the songs, the choir was joined by four tap dancers. I’ll let you decide what to think about that. The second song on the video is a bit more normal. My phone was acting up and cut both songs short, but you can get the idea. Cynthia, my boss, is also in the choir. I sat with a group of people from work.

Two nights later, they had another concert. This one was at the Pikes Peak Center as backup singers for Keith and Kristyn Getty in their Sing!: An Irish Christmas show. Country music star Ricky Skaggs was also there. He played a mandolin, sang a few songs on his own, and joined the Gettys, and the choir on a few others.

The first half was mostly performance by the Gettys and Skaggs, with some dancing and instrumental pieces. The second half was mostly carol sing-along, which I didn’t care for as much. My seat, in the first row of the mezzanine, cost $58. I didn’t spend that much for a seat to stand and sing. I wanted to sit and listen. But it was about Sally, not me, and she had fun. Here are some bits from the concert, with poor sound quality.

I thought it was cool that Sally was on stage with famous musicians, so when I got home, I put this on Facebook.

For the Saturday Soli concert, Megan rode down with us. She and I wandered through downtown bookstores while Sally was rehearsing. After the concert, the three of us went to 3.14 Pi Bar for supper.

On Monday night, I wandered downtown again by myself. During my meanderings, I took these two photos. Sally had a couple hours between rehearsal and the concert, so we ate supper at the East Coast Deli. We got home around 10:30.

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