Copper Harbor Lighthouse — Copper Harbor, Michigan

The Copper Harbor Lighthouse is on a small mainland peninsula, but is only accessible to tourists by boat. This was my younger daughter’s first boat ride — she sat on her Grandpa’s lap and seemed to enjoy herself. The ride took about 15 minutes.

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

The light went into service in 1849, just five years after copper was discovered in the region, but the current building was built in 1867. In 1933, the light itself was moved to the top of a skeleton tower (visible in the photos).

The brochure said the boat ride would be narrated and the lighthouse tour would be guided. The boat driver said a few words before we left the dock but added nothing at all during the trip. We were met at the lighthouse dock by a girl who muttered a few words about the building then said she’d be available for questions. She then disappeared for the duration of our visit.

The downstairs of the lighthouse was filled with exhibits and models of ships that have sunk in the area. The second floor has been restored to its probable appearance as a keeper’s residence. We weren’t allowed into the tower. We walked a short trail around the point then sat on the dock and waited for the boat to return. It was thundering, and it began raining just as we boarded for the trip back. The driver had a supply of parkas, and we huddled down during a fairly hard downpour. We were just glad we weren’t part of the tour that had just gotten dropped off at the light.

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