Crisp Point Lighthouse — Paradise, Michigan

Crisp Point Lighthouse - Paradise, Michigan - June, 2003By our third day in Paradise, we'd done everything we'd plan to do and several things we hadn't planned. It's not a hot-spot for vacation thrills unless you're really into mosquitoes. On my wife's checklist of things she wanted to do on this vacation were see a bear and a moose.

Somewhere I picked up a brochure on the Crisp Point Lighthouse. It was located on the shore of Lake Superior, at the end of 18 miles of dirt roads. I figured that would give us a good chance to see some wildlife. As we headed north, the road got narrower and narrower. We finally broke out of the trees into the dunes along the lake. It was about 70 degrees, with a nice breeze and some sun — a beautiful day.

All that remains of the light station is the tower, round, thin and not particularly high. It's painted white and sits about 50 feet from the shoreline. A sign said the tower was often open on Sundays, but it wasn't on this Sunday.

I wandered off to take pictures while my wife and daughters collected rocks on the beach. For about 20 minutes, it was perfection. The beach stretched as far as we could see in either direction and there wasn't another person in sight. Then another family came by, then three guys on noisy motorcycles.

We stayed about 45 minutes, then headed back to the cabin. We didn't see any bears or moose, but we'd had a great time.

The lighthouse was in service from 1904 until 1965 when the Coast Guard destroyed everything but the tower. The light was 58 feet above the water.

Crisp Point Lighthouse - Paradise, Michigan - June, 2003

Crisp Point Lighthouse - Paradise, Michigan - June, 2003

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