Cubs vs. Expos — August 15, 1991

I went to the game with three friends.

Our seats were on the third-base side, between home and the Cubs dugout. The view was great, but we were right on the main aisle. In this photo, you can see our seats just to the right of the stairway.

Second-inning action: Shawon Dunston is on first after singling. Joe Girardi, Cub catcher, is batting (he grounded out 5-3). The Expos first baseman is Andres Galarraga and the catcher is Mike Fitzgerald.

Third inning: Shawon Dunston dodges a wild pitch. The ball can be seen between the umpire’s legs.

Eighth inning: Chico Walker just pinch-hit and singled. He leads off first as Mark Grace bats. Ryne Sandberg is on-deck.

Eighth inning. Ryne Sandberg bats.



The Cubs scored three in the eighth to win 7-6.

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Cubs vs. Cardinals — August 15, 1991

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