Cubs vs. Pirates — April 7, 1989

I went to this game with three coworkers. It was cold. I had on a T-shirt, two sweatshirts, a down vest and my winter gloves — and I was still freezing. There was one section of stands in the sun, way down the right-field line. By the fourth inning, 5,000 of the 6,195 people in the park were crammed standing-room-only into that small wedge of warmth. We stayed were we were in the shade, five rows behind the Pirates’ dugout.

In the bottom of the eighth inning, I went down and sat three rows behind home plate. It was a neat perspective. Andre Dawson lined one straight back that hit the wall five feet from where I sat.

We listened to the highlights on the way home. Harry Carey was in mid-season form — when Dawson scored in the sixth inning, Carey said, “Dawson is round thirding base.”

The Cubs won 6-5.

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Cubs vs. Pirates — April 7, 1989

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