Cubs vs. Reds — September 2, 1988

This was pretty funny. Somebody gave eight tickets to this Cubs game to Awana. Everybody knew that Jim and I got free tickets from suppliers on a regular basis, so instead of giving them to us, the management decided to hold a raffle. All the men gathered in the conference room (I don’t recall why women weren’t included), and names were picked out of a hat. Jim’s name was one of the first picked, but he couldn’t go on the day in question. Eight names were called, but one other person decided he couldn’t make it. They pulled one more name — mine.

I went down in the work van with Dave Pearson, Dave Oddo, Larry Grow, Van Christopher, Bob Stacy, Tom Jackson and Dick Schnepper. The seats weren’t very good, but they were better than my seat at work.

The Cubs lost 6-5.

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Cubs vs. Reds — September 2, 1988

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