Cubs vs. Rockies — Wrigley Field

I went with two friends. Our seats were in extreme left field against the fence and right in front of the basket. It wasn’t a very good view, but it gave an interesting perspective on Steve Buechele’s home run in the fourth inning. At first I thought it had a chance for the basket as it floated out in slow motion. Then I thought it might land in the bleachers. But it kept floating slowly over the fence and out onto Waveland Avenue.

The game was notable for several reasons:

  • It was the second game ever for the Colorado Rockies at Wrigley Field.
  • It was the Rockies 26th game ever.
  • The Rockies were the 26th Major League team I’d seen in person. (I had never seen the Angels or the Marlins.)
  • Ryne Sandberg made a throwing error, his first since July 4, 1990 — a string of 393 games.

The Cubs won 3-2.


Cubs vs. Rockies — May 5, 1993

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