Dog n Suds — Indianapolis, Indiana

The Indianapolis Dog n Suds is a summer-only food stand in the Indianapolis Zoo. I visited in July, 2009 with my daughter and niece. We had to pay $5 for parking and $14 admission (each) just to get to the stand to buy lunch. Imagine our disappointment when we discovered they didn’t sell corn dogs. (Signs on the windows said they didn’t offer straws or lids for the protection of the animals, so I’m guessing corn dog sticks are also outlawed.)

I went with a foot-long hot dog (which was mediocre), onion rings and root beer (both of which were tasty). But unless you’re on a quest to visit all the remaining Dog n Suds, or happen to find yourself inside the Indianapolis Zoo, I wouldn’t recommend this one.

A new Dog n Suds just opened as a food stand inside the Indiana Beach amusement park. If I decide to go to that one, I’ll have to pay parking and admission fees again. After the zoo experience, I’m seriously considering limiting my visits to the traditional drive-in locations.

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