Dog n Suds — Ingleside, Illinois

My wife and I took the day off work to head to Chicago for adventure. But when we woke up to a driving rain and saw it was supposed to be hot and humid with frequent thunderstorm, we decided on an adventure closer to home.

We wandered around the antique mall in Volo, then drove up to Ingleside to check off a new Dog n Suds. On the way, we realized we only had $12 in cash between us. Sure enough, they didn’t take debit cards. This greatly limited what we could get. I had a glass of root beer and my wife had a root beer float.

I visited a second time on September 20, 2008 and took this panorama.

I stopped here for lunch on the way home from a morning of picture taking at Waukegan Harbor and Illinois Beach State Park. I was alone, and interested in getting home to see the Cubs game (this is the day they clinched their division), so I ordered my food to go. The corn dogs and onion rings were excellent. The root beer seemed a little watery. I also ordered a hamburger kids meal, which was a mistake. The cardboard car it was supposed to come in (the food was in a bag and the waitress just handed me the empty car) wasn’t from the Dog n Suds brand. The hamburger was overcooked and had absolutely nothing on it — just a dried patty on a bun. I intended to save the fries and give them to my wife, but they spilled all over the floor as I was getting out of the car.

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