Dog n Suds — Montague, Michigan

This was the real purpose of our trip to Michigan. As you know, I’m making a fairly dedicated attempt to visit the remaining Dog n Suds restaurants (although rumors of locations in Colorado and British Columbia make success unlikely). There are two in western Michigan, tantalizingly close and yet stuck up there in a part of the country I’ve rarely visited. It seemed that my best shot was to make a long road trip and visit both.

The Dog n Suds in Montague is in an amazing location — situated along a river and across the road from a large lake.

While we waited for our food, Nate and I wandered around and took photos.

There was a parade float in the parking lot with one of the old signs like the one I saw in Robinson, Illinois.

I ordered a Texas Burger, which I haven’t had since I was a kid. It was good, but messy. I also had a corn dog. The dog itself wasn’t great, but the corn breading was excellent. The onions rings, with sweet onions, were awesome. Here’s our car hop, Jessica, bringing out our food.

Jessica was very friendly and helpful and didn’t even mind when I asked her to sit in the red chair — especially since we tipped her around 50%.

If you only visit one Dog n Suds, visit this one. The one in Richmond, Illinois has slightly better corn dogs, but the ones here are good, and the location can’t be beat.

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