Dog n Suds — Robinson, Illinois

All day long, I was looking forward to a mug of cold Dog n Suds root beer. It was still in the 90’s and humid at 6:30 when we finally got to Robinson, and when I saw the familiar sign along the highway, I was almost drooling.

The sign didn’t look like any of the others I’ve seen. It didn’t have the arrow over the top, the background was white, and the picture of Rover was different. (And it looks like only the DO and UDS light up.)

The next thing I noticed was that the parking lot was empty. In fact, the entire place looked empty.

It was closed.

I pulled into the lot and walked around a bit and took some photos. A sign on the front window said it was open Monday through Saturday. It never occurred to me to check. I had no doubt it would be open on a Sunday evening. I was wrong. And so I wasn’t able to get an explanation for the sign that said “Polish sausage cauliflower bacon cheeseburger.”

I was depressed as I drove back west through Oblong, then headed north toward Charleston. I decided to check it off my list anyway. If I ever happen to be in the Robinson area on any day except Sunday, I’ll give it another shot, but I probably won’t make a special trip. And who knows how long it will be there. There was a Dog n Suds in Charleston as recently as last year, but it’s gone. We couldn’t even find the building.

We ended up buying supper at a Steak and Shake next to our hotel and eating it in our room. Such is life.

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