Eagle Harbor Lighthouse — Eagle Harbor, Michigan

Sal and I took a vacation to Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota with the girls and Steve and Kelli. On this day, we left the girls with Grandma and Grandpa and headed up to the Keweenaw Peninsula. We visited Copper Harbor, toured the Delaware Copper Mine and visited this lighthouse.

Eagle Harbor Lighthouse

We stopped across the harbor on the way, admired the view and wondered why we live in Chicago.

The lighthouse had a two-room museum. We walked around and saw everything there was to see. As we were on our way out, we were accosted by an elderly gentleman who informed us that he was our tour guide. We didn’t want to hurt his feelings, so we went through again. His account began slowly, but he did give us some interesting facts about the building and the harbor.

The lighthouse was built  in 1871. The walls in the light tower are 12 inches thick. The original lens has been replaced by an airport beacon that flashes red and white.

Outside, the girls relaxed along the lake shore while Steve and I walked around and took pictures. There was also a fog signal bulding that included a small but well done maritime museum.

The old guy told us there were dangerous reefs across the harbor mouth. Many years ago, rocks were dumped in the center of the channel to mark the safe passage. The two piles (visible in the postcard view below) are about 26 feet apart. The guy said that in his many years in Eagle Harbor he had only once seen a boat enter or leave the harbor anywhere other than through that narrow channel.

Eagle Harbor with the lighthouse lower left and the channel markers in the harbor mouth
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