East Channel Light — Grand Island, Michigan

My family took a vacation to the Upper Peninsula. Among our adventures was a glass-bottom boat ride on the Shipwreck Tour out of Munising.

The captain took us past Grand Island and paused by the East Channel Light. The light is owned by the residents of the island. They have decided to maintain it but not to restore it. In other words, they want it to look like it's about to fall apart. At the time of our visit, the cupola had been removed and sent away to be strengthened, which made it look as though it was about to fall apart indeed.

The light was built in 1868 and removed from service in 1908 — because it couldn't be seen from the lake. Hmmm. You'd think they would have thought of that. The light, when there was a light, was 45 feet above the water.

East Channel Light - Grand Island, Michigan - June, 2003

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