EPCOT — Part 2

We toured the World Showcase, stopping in some countries to see the sights and walking past others.

Canada — Our guide explained to us how the windows in this building are smaller the higher they are to make it look much taller than it actually is.

O Canada! Circle-Vision hosted by Martin Short, a 15-minute film on the scenic beauty of Canada on a 360 degree screen only 180 of which could actually be seen by any given person at any given time. After trying for a few minutes to grasp the whole thing I gave up and just enjoyed the part right in front of me.

Great Britain — We didn’t stop here.


We paused for a few moments to watch a performer juggle wine bottles while incessantly blowing on a whistle.

Morocco — We didn’t stop here, not even to watch the belly dancer.

Japan — didn’t stop here either. I don’t even remember walking past it or taking this photo, but it was on my camera, so I must have.

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