Grandma Scott’s Pie Shop

When I decided to visit the Cussler Museum in Arvada (next post) I looked on my list of restaurants I wanted to check out in Denver. This pie shop in Lakewood was (kinda) on the way. It was in an area I’ve not been in before and am unlikely to return to often, but the food was good enough to mention.

I had a ham and cheese sandwich that was delicious. I don’t have a photo of the pie because I bought three slices to go. Lindy had strawberry-rhubarb and said it was delicious. Sally and I split a piece of double-crust cherry and keylime. I thought the cherry was very good. The keylime, which is my favorite kind of pie, wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t zesty enough. Still, if you’re ever in the neighborhood, it beats McDonald’s.

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