Grouseland — Vincennes, Indiana

Grouseland was the home of William Henry Harrison. Now it’s owned by the DAR and the guides are local volunteers. We gained entrance the way we’d get into any house — we rang the doorbell.


A woman let us in and charged us $15 for the four of us. She talked to us in the entryway for about 10 minutes and explained a bit about Harrison and the house. She didn’t know a great deal, but she did tell us how to locate the five or six pieces of furniture that were actually owned by Harrison. She then left us on our own to explore the house.


I really enjoyed it. One wall was curved, Which gave interesting angles and shapes to several of the rooms. The windows were large, so most of the rooms were well-lit. There were wood floors and fireplaces. There were small signs here and there that gave bits of information, but without a guide we didn’t learn much about Harrision or the family. (The DAR really needs to turn the house over to the National Park Service, which then needs to restore it and interpret it better.)


We spent about an hour in the house and had it to ourselves. The only other person in the place was the woman who let us in and then disappeared into the tiny gift shop room at the back.

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