Jacksonport State Park — Jacksonport, Arkansas

I took a road trip to this state park. It wasn’t worth it. It consisted of this courthouse, built in 1869, which had a lousy museum of local junk inside. There were six other people in the park — an old woman who took my money and five guys filling out job applications.


This monument, to the 6,000 Confederate troops under General Jeff Thompson who surrendered here on June 5, 1865 to Union Lt. Colonel C.W. Davis. Both armies occupied the town during the war, and five major generals used the town as their headquarters.

And this paddle-wheel steamer, The Mary Woods No. 2, built in 1931 to haul log rafts up the White River. The boat was the reason I made the trip, but it wasn’t open for tours until summer. I stayed about half an hour. Phone first.

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