January Birds

Male American Wigeon (left), male Northern Pintail, and female Hooded Merganser (right) at Lake Pueblo State Park (1/3)

(Front to back) Male Ring-necked Duck, male Redhead, female Ring-necked Duck, two female Redheads, male Redhead, male Hooded Merganser at Lake Pueblo State Park (1/3).

Red-throated Loon (furthest from the camera in both photos) and Western Grebes at Lake Pueblo State Park (1/3)

Killdeer at Fountain Creek Regional Park (1/7)

Rusty Blackbird at Fountain Creek (1/7)

Northern Harrier (with breakfast) at Fountain Creek (1/7)

Ferruginous Hawk at Clear Spring Ranch (/17)

Harris’s Sparrow at Clear Spring Ranch (1/26)

Ross’s Goose at Fountain Creek (1/26)

Northern Waterthrush at Fountain Creek (1/26)

Yellow-billed Loons at Lake Pueblo State Park (1/28/22). They were eating snow from the channel marker.

Common Loons at Lake Pueblo (1/28/22). At one point, three Common Loons and two Yellow-billed Loons were swimming in close proximity. About an hour earlier, I spotted a Pacific Loon swimming with two Common Loons.

A Common Loon in the center between two Yellow-billed Loons.

Great Black-backed Gull at Lake Pueblo (1/28/22). This particular bird has been returning to Lake Pueblo every winter for the past 20 years or so. I’ve seen it every winter I’ve lived in Colorado. It’s the only one of its species regularly seen in the state.

Common Goldeneye at Lake Pueblo (1/28/22). The second photo shows a pair with the male doing courtship moves.

Male Canvasback at Lake Pueblo (1/28/22)

Female Bufflehead (left) and female Lesser Scaup at Lake Pueblo (1/28/22)

A pair of Gadwalls at South Platte Park (1/31/22)

Two male Lesser Scaup at South Platte Park (1/31/22)

Male Northern Shoveler at South Platte Park (1/31/22).

Bald Eagle at South Platte Park (1/31/22)

Bushtit at South Platte Park (1/31/22). These guys are HARD to photograph. They’re tiny and they move constantly.

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