January Blizzard and Other Things

Sally and I both spent most of the month fighting some sort of virus that consisted mostly of an incessant cough, so we didn’t do much.

I did find this order screen at Panera one morning. I thought it summed up my life quite nicely.

There was a lunar eclipse on the 20th. It was a rare full wolf blood moon, for what that’s worth. We could see it well right over our house. This was the best photo I got—I took it by holding my phone up to my scope.

On Tuesday, the 22nd, my office and Sally’s office were closed because of a blizzard. The blizzard dumped only three inches of snow by our house, but it was cold and the wind was howling. Visibility was low and the roads in Colorado Springs aren’t plowed or salted, so driving was hazardous. But still, when your work is closed because of a blizzard, you don’t expect your driveway to be clear. But that’s what happened. The street in front of our house had maybe four inches, and Mark, across the street, had eight or ten in his drive. But our drive was swept bare. I sent a photo to friends at work, and Tracy made this meme.

It got me thinking about the last time I can remember work closing because of snow when we lived in Illinois. I found a photo of me in my driveway in Cary on that day and posted this on Facebook.

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